Out of concern for the environment, we have implemented solutions such as:

Zero waste

We do not waste raw materials and consumables – all production waste is recycled and reused.

Energy efficiency

We use energy-efficient processes, which we continuously improve, e.g. by implementing process heat recovery.


We are designing a recycling facility for the recovery of raw materials from post-consumer and industrial waste.

Responsible project

We design and manufacture our products with a view to maximizing their usefulness throughout their life cycle and minimizing their environmental impact at the end of it.

Mono-material products

We prefer mono-material products that are easy to sort and recycle and are more environmentally friendly.

Organic raw materials

In addition to eco-friendly paper or plastic carrier bags, we also produce packaging made of biodegradable polymers, produced with a method involving starch or cellulose. When this type of carrier bag goes to a composting facility, it quickly turns into water, carbon dioxide and organic residue.