REcreate is our commitment to efficient resource management

REthink and REduce

You don’t have to buy additional special occasion ornaments, toys, waste bags or seasonal decorations when you already have them at hand. This is just the beginning of what our products can become once their primary function has been fulfilled.


Our products are not only mono-material, allowing for easy and economical processing of used products, but also biodegradable, which makes the reuse of carrier bags as organic waste bags reasonable.


You can use solutions that will serve you more than once. Thus, you won’t surround yourself with unnecessary products and will reduce waste production. More durable fasteners and handles for simpler carrier bags that use less energy and raw material, tighter closures for loose products, and products which can be reused for other purposes. That’s just a few examples of the REcreate concept.


We also have a solution that allows us to collect products you no longer need and then recycle them in bulk.